Family Matters

In the book of Ephesians, Paul after discussing all things marriage, family, and work, he tells us to "stand firm" in the midst of the schemes of the devil. Family Matters is a great source of "girding your loins with truth" to be prepared to stand firm in the midst of everyday life in all the relationships we have.


What is Family Matters?
Family Matters is an elder led forum for topical discussions on marriage and raising children which include times of Q/A.


Intended Audience?

  • Families
  • Couples (married, engaged, dating, etc.)
  • Anyone who is interested


What are some of the topics of discussion?

  • Men’s and Women’s Roles in the Home
  • Men’s and Women’s Roles in the Church
  • Raising Children in Wisdom
  • Friendship in Marriage and Relating to the Other
  • Spirituality in Marriage and Growing the Other
  • Fostering Marital Intimacy & the Commandment/Benefits of Purity
  • How to Best Compliment the Other
  • The Biblical View of Dating & Engagement
  • The Man and His Career
  • The Woman and Her Homemaking
  • Marriage Like Christ and the Church
  • The Obsolescence of Older Women
  • Feminism and its Effects on Manhood

and more...


Can I submit questions or topics to be discussed?

Yes. You can fill out question in our Family Matters: Question Submission Form. This will help guide the teachers on what to specifically address.


Optional Book to Purchase to Help Discussion

God, Marriage, and Family | Rebuilding the Biblical Foundation” by Andreas J. Köstenberger w/ David W. Jones



Who leads the forum?

Elders of NCCF: Steve Cowden and Chris Greer



Sunday School Room (2nd Floor of Education Bldg) @ NCCF Bldg

111 Courtney Circle, Greenville SC, 29617



The first Sunday School of every month


10:00-10:50 am


Who do I contact if I have questions?
Dave Schell


Will child-care be provided?
Child-care will be provided from during our normal 9:30-10:30 Sunday School times.


Family Matters Presentations...