Adam & Ruth Huntley


The Huntleys work with Wycliffe Bible Translators in the Central African Republic. There Adam serves the Gbaya people as a part of the team that translates the Old Testament into the Gbaya language. His role on the translation team is making sure that the Gbaya translators correctly understand the meaning of the text through the original Hebrew before they translate that meaning into the Gbaya language. Ruth keeps everything running smoothly in the household and teaches their two sons John and Samuel. In his spare time, Adam joins his friend André to evangelize and teach in small Gbaya village where there is little to no Gospel teaching. Ruth and Adam's sons John and Samuel enjoy playing with sticks with their friends and riding their bikes.

How can we pray for you?

-Pray for unity among the Gbaya translation team

-Pray for an accurate and natural translation of the Old Testament into Gbaya

-Pray for church involvement in the translation process and distribution of translated Scripture

-Pray that many Gbaya people would come to know the One True God and His Son Jesus through the translated Old Testament

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Andre Ndanga-beng

Andre is an evangelist in the Central African Republic that travels from village to village with his motorcycle and his speaker and shares the gospel. NCCF supports Andre through the work of Adam & Ruth.